Steel Roofing

When it comes to shingle installs, Ronningen Roofing is the leader in Southeast MN, but especially when it comes to steel roofing. We have the best crew around; they make sure your steel roof is installed correctly. They’ve been factory trained in the best installation practices by the Metal Sales manufacturer.

Steel roofing is gaining in popularity very quickly. Not so many years ago, we did very little steel roofing. Now we do roughly 25 new steel roofs per year, and that number grows every year. We use a variety of high quality brands. Metal Sales steel roofing, Central States steel roofing, and occasionally Menards steel roofing. These are companies we can count on for high quality steel and consistent products.

There are many different panels of steel roofing made, and they all have their place in the market. When it comes to residential homes, there are a couple very popular panels that seem to best suit the needs and budgets of most people. In my opinion, a steel roof is the last roof you will purchase.

As an example, let’s use a couple of Central States’ popular residential panels. Panel-Loc Plus is a steel panel that has a 36” wide coverage. This panel has a raised rib every 9” and is attached with rubber grommet screws that are painted to match the steel. With this system, all of your fasteners will be exposed but don’t worry; they never leak. There are 24 colors and four different grades of paint to choose from. Paint warranties range from 40 years to lifetime. This panel of steel comes standard as 29 gauge but can be upgraded to 26 gauge.

Horizon-Loc is another popular steel residential roofing panel made by Central States. This panel is considered a standing seam system and has a completely different look than the Panel-Loc. The panels are 16”wide and have a 1” high standing seam used to lock together with the next panel. With Horizon-Loc, all fasteners are concealed. You may feel Horizon-Loc gives a more finished look. This panel is standard as 26 gauge and can be upgraded to 24 gauge. When finishing a Horizon-Loc roof with rake and peak trims, they can be installed with rivets for a more concealed look, or we can use color matching grommet screws, which we consider a more secure roof. Horizon-Loc has 22 colors to choose from.

We previously mentioned paint warranties, but let’s cover a few other details. The fade warranty on both of these systems is 30 years. Perforation warranty is 20 years, and all panels have advanced rust blocking technology. The best way to learn more about these systems and how they work is to contact us and discuss your project.

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