Skylight Flashing

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Flashing is a very important part of your overall roofing system. Chimneys, vents, dormer windows and skylights have all been set into place by penetrating your roof. Lines where they meet with the roof itself have the potential to allow water to run into your home if flashings, which are used to seal up these areas, are not only installed properly but maintained as well.

In the past, skylights, although beautiful, have had a terrible reputation for leaking. Not as much today. The advent of new and better designs and better flashing methods have taken the fear out of owning skylights, but they do require care and maintenance.

In order to keep your skylight watertight and the surrounding area free from water damage, it is important to have yearly inspections done by a reputable roofing contractor. Skylight leaks that are not found and fixed immediately can lead to costly damage to your roof, the structure of your home and its contents, including walls, ceilings as well as creating the perfect environment for mold to grow in the insulation, a dangerous health hazard.

Finding the origin of any leak takes time and patience. Our experienced roofing contractors at Ronningen Roofing have just the knowledge to get the job done for you. They know exactly what to look for while inspecting your roof, flashing and gutters and will help you stop potential problems before they become big issues down the road. Remember to always use safety precautions when working on your roof, but don’t take the chance of hurting yourself. Allow our expert roofers to do the job for you. Ronnigame Roofing proudly services southern Minnesota areas, such as Chatfield, Minnesota.

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