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Ronningen Roofing, Inc. has always specialized in roofing from day one. We employ a crew of 8-10 factory trained roofing professionals.

Ronningen is a preferred shingle installer for Owens Corning, G.A.F./ELK, and CertainTeed Shingles. No matter which brand you chose you will have the piece of mind knowing your roofing is being installed in accordance with not only local and state building codes but also done by the book per manufacturer's instructions. This is very important in the unfortunate event of shingle failure or Mother Nature type damage. If your roof was installed incorrectly manufactures' warranties will not be in force and you will be left to pay the price of replacement in either event.

Most roofs can be replaced in one day from start to finish. We'll typically arrive first thing in the morning. We spend as much time as needed preparing your property for the roofing activities such as covering all shrubs, flowers, and siding with tarps to prevent damage. If you have large flower beds no worries. We will build a protective barrier to ensure everything is protected. If you have decking areas, hot tub, or air conditioner it's all covered with plywood to protect from dinging or denting. All roofing removed is carried across the roofs and thrown directly in our dump trailers. Once the old roofing is removed we'll inspect the wood roof decking, metal flashings, and look for any evidence of old leaks. If anything looks suspect we will make contact with you to discuss options to correct any issues at hand. The next step is the application of ice dam protection and tar paper. This is an important step. We install the ice dam protection on the eaves, typically up to six feet. If you have any roof valleys of roof/wall intersections this product is used there as well. Tar paper is than installed to the entire roof deck. There are multiple options of tar paper to choose from. Please feel free to ask about this. Next we will be installing the shingle of your choice. This is the most important step. Our trained installers know the correct methods of installation for all varieties of roofing products. From nail placement to working with the most difficult of flashing details we'll leave you with no worries.

Attic ventilation is next in line for us to tackle. Upon estimation of the project we'll determine which method is the best for your application. Ridge venting has become very popular and is the most efficient method although there are typically some extra costs involved. Standard attic vents are still used often and serve the purpose as long as there are enough of them. We used only metal attic vents which will not bend, warp, or crack. Birds and squirrels will also be out of luck when it comes to nesting in these vents as they are highly resistant to any intrusion.

On every roof we replace all of the exhaust vents for bathrooms, ranges, and sewer. We wrap up the roof with a finishing touch by using specially made cap shingles with the matching shadow lines to perfectly match the new shingles.

We are well known for our very thorough clean up job. We'll clean out the gutters, pick through all of the bushes, rocks, mulch, flowers to make sure any nails or waste is found. We will than sweep of all walkways and the driveways. We finish up by using a high powered magnet on wheels to cover the perimeter of anywhere there was roofing activity.

Hopefully you'll be around upon completion and take a walk around with the foreman to make sure everything is up to your standards and answer any of your questions.

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