Pressure washing

Pressure washing, Don’t Do This on Your Roof

Care and maintenance are two of the most important things you can do to enable your roof to last its lifespan and keep your family, your home and its contents safe and secure, but there are things that you should never do on your roof.

While it is important to inspect your roof, flashing and gutters, it is just as important to be extremely careful when handling it yourself. If you are noticing dark streaks on your roofing and you are thinking of using a pressure washer to clean it…don’t. Pressure washing an asphalt shingle roof is just asking for a new roof. The amount of pressure behind it can wash away the granules that are there to protect your home from water leaks. A reputable roofing company can give you options to restore the look of your roof, but one of them will not be to pressure wash it. They will be able to tell you exactly why there is a discoloration and give you options depending on the problem.

Another thing not to do is never pull up any shingles on your roof to look for leaks. If you have a water stain inside your home, that particular place on the roof is usually not where the leak is occurring. Pinpointing exactly where a leak is coming from is best left to the professionals. Pulling up shingles can also compromise your roofing, causing more problems, damage and in the long run, more money.

Be cautious when you are up on your roof. Not only is it dangerous for you, it is bad for your roof. Walking on the shingles can cause the granules that are there for protection to be knocked off, thereby compromising your roof. If you are walking on the roof in colder temperatures it can cause the shingles to crack and break which can allow water to enter under the shingles and into your home.

Before making any kind of roofing repairs it is best to contact roofing professionals. The roofing contractors at Ronningen Roofing have the knowledge and experience to get the job done for you. These roofing professionals will make all inspections and make any necessary repairs to make your home safe and secure once again. We proudly service southern Minnesota areas such as Kasson, Minnesota.

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