Snow Removal in Rochester MN

Rochester, MN Snow Removal Service

Ronningen Roofing, Inc. has provided commercial and residential snow removal in Rochester, MN since 1998. We specialize in commercial snow removal services focusing on parking lots, private roads, churches, and apartment complexes. We handle all aspects of clearing snow from your property, such as:

Our customer retention rate, since inception, is more than 92%, and we believe that is a reflection of our timely, high quality service. Like all of the services offered by Ronningen Roofing, we do not hire subcontractors to do any of our snow work. We use our employees and all of our own equipment. We are fully insured to take on any project and will provide proof of insurance upon request. Most commercial snow removal is done overnight between 2:00 am and 8:00 am. We try to schedule each property so that we are finished clearing the snow shortly before the business opens. We utilize 5 pickups and a skid loader for snow removal. This allows us to be at more than one location at a time. During a daytime snow event, we have the ability to take care of your property in many ways. Some customers prefer to leave all snow accumulations for evening removals, and some like to have "pass-through's" periodically during business hours. Discuss your needs with us and customize your own plan.

Ice mitigation is something we take seriously. We have equipped ourselves to be in the best position to handle varying amounts of ice. We buy our rock salt, sand, and slat/sand in bulk and keep it on our property in dry storage. Since we keep our own stock piles, we are able to service our customers overnight and have ice melted prior to business hours. Many other contractors buy salt and sand from a quarry and can't get loaded until after 8:00 am. There are several levels of ice control to choose from. They range from "no tolerance" to just enough to keep a property safe from slips and falls. Connect with us to personalize a plan.

Snow pile relocation onsite or offsite is another aspect of winter we can handle for you. Discolored snow piles are not only unsightly, but they can take up many parking spaces that your customers may need. Snow piles contain a lot of sand and other road debris. We have our own offsite location centered in Rochester so that you aren’t billed the extra hours of time that some contractors charge to haul your snow out of town to a field somewhere. Contact us today for a quote.

When it comes to residential snow removal, we do limit ourselves to the northeast and northwest sides of Rochester. We do this so we can serve each customer in a timely manner. Residential snow removal is done with pickups, snow blowers, shovels, or all of the above. We do take care of both driveways and sidewalks.

If you need snow removed safely from your roof, contact us. We have the proper equipment to safely remove snow loads from your roof. This is one job you should not attempt to do unless you can do it safely from the ground.

Ronningen Roofing, Inc. is here for your snow removal and ice mitigation needs. Contact us today so that we can serve you.

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