Replacing your roof?

Replacing your roof? Consider CertainTeed Landmark series designer shingles.

Ronningen Roofing in Rochester, MN has been installing CertainTeed Landmark shingles for more than 10 years. The Landmark series has three lines available for you to choose from. There is the trusted classic Landmark, the Landmark Pro, and the Landmark Premium.

The standard Landmark series is our most cost effective shingle. With 14 colors to choose from, you will find a color to suit you. This shingle weighs in at 250 pounds per 100 square feet or “square”. It also comes with a 10 year algae resistance warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. Algae is what causes your shingles to darken. This tends to happen on the north sides of homes and in shaded areas. The standard Landmark series is a great roof at a great price.

Our most popular upgrade at Ronningen Roofing is the Landmark Pro shingle. This shingle is more durable weighing in at around 270 pounds per square. The most noticeable added feature that the Landmark Pro series offers is Maximum Definition colors, otherwise noted as “Max Def”. Max Def provides a richer mixture of surface granules giving your roof more depth of color with a brighter, more vibrant, dramatic appearance. The Pro series offers 12 colors in Max Def and the color palette is popular among our customers. The Pro series also provides an additional 5 years of algae resistance warranty over the standard Landmark series giving you a total of 15 years of algae resistance.

The top shelf shingle in the Landmark series is the Landmark Premium. This heavy duty shingle weighs in at 300 pounds per square and has the five most popular colors to choose from. Like the Pro, the Premium has 15 years of algae resistance. At Ronningen Roofing in Rochester MN the Landmark premium used to be our top pick for a mid class shingle with the heavy weight design. A few years ago there was a new shingle introduced call Northgate. We will discuss that shingle in another soon to come article. The Northgate has filled the slot of the Premium at Ronningen Roofing.

All Landmark shingles use a tough, two piece laminated fiberglass based construction. They also utilize NailTrak technology, which is a warrantied wider nailing area. At Ronningen Roofing, you are assured a proper installation providing you with a 15 year and 110 mph wind warranty on Landmark series shingles.

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